Identifying a brooding male

After mating a brooding male can be identified by a distended operculum and its swimming behaviour. They don't seem to feed and look more placid than at other times. A brooding male can also be recognised by a remarkable brood pouch located at the underside of its mouth.

The incubation period (time from fertilisation until the fry are released) is normally about 8 weeks. To shorten the period the fertilised eggs can be hand removed from the male's mouth on the 30th day after spawning. The brooding male should be carefully caught with a fine net and covered with a wet cotton towel to avoid injury and struggling.

The females arowana will lay eggs on the floor of the pond. The male will then collected the fry into the mouth to fertilise them, where they will develop for 4-6 weeks before being released as young fry into the pond. The number of the fertilised eggs collected in a single brood is usually about 15 - 50 larvae.

The pond manager will identify the presence of "Mouth Brooding" male fish, and he will call for a harvest when he feels there is enough justification.

The fish are driven in a large net to the edge of the pond where they can be caught and identified more easily.
The experienced breeder will then identify mouth brooding males and collect them in a net. He will take a quick peek into the mouth to identify if the fry are old enough to be released.
Once indentified, our experienced arowana breeder will open up the brooding male’s mouth to release all fries. The lower jaw of the fish is pulled backward slowly and the body is shaken slightly to release the half developed larvae from the male's mouth.
These new born fry come with its own orange egg sag which will be the fry’s nutrients at the beginning.
CEO of OC Arowana self experienced the harvest process.
Our experienced breeder will then count the exact number of fry that are harvested and recorded in the file.
The larvae are then incubated in an aquarium which simulate the water flowing in the mouth of the adult. Here they are left to develop until large enough to swim freely.
Once the egg sags are fully absorbed, the fries can be fed on bloodworms and water insects.
Once the fish grows till marketable size, we will microchip them and get ready for export.
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